The Bonbon

Handmade bonbon specialty
in remembrance of Ferenc Liszt,
that is the Hungarian Rhapsody.

Specialist say bonbon making is the cream of confectionary. It is a great task for every master to create the harmony of sweet and bitter. It needs creativity, imagination, knowledge about raw materials and arranging a proper technology order - then precisely following it. Experts say, that each handmade bonbon is a masterpiece, which should not be compared with any factory products. A bonbon’s flavour as well as its shape should be enjoyed, as everything that is good in life, while consuming it in small pieces, memorizing its perfume. To explore the taste released from the filling is a wonderful thing, since the surprise can be experienced not only in the shape, but also together with the content, as a whole.

The handmade bonbons are made of real chocolate, the most delicious and best quality raw materials. They do not contain any chemical preservatives or other vegetable fat than first class cocoa butter.

The Hungarian Rhapsody is being made according to these requirements.

Taste it – you will enjoy it!

This bonbon was made for the Hungarian tourists travelling in Hungary or abroad to take it as a present to their family members, friends and acquaintances.

The product

It is a handmade speciality produced in small series. The real chocolate coat, the typical Hungarian fruits (apricot, blue plum, grapes, wild sour cherry), the excellent walnut and honey, and the brandy provide a unique taste and unforgettable experience. The consumer will be enthralled by the fantastic harmony of flavours and the rhapsodic changes of them.


Thanks to the handmade production and the sophisticated colours the appearance is restraint and elegant. The clearly high quality materials and the implementation are meant to emphasize the high quality of the product.


  • Cardboard gift boxes
  • Cardboard gift boxes with mini CD in Hungary
  • Exclusive porcelain candy dishes made by the Zsolnay Manufactory

It is a real present - a real handmade masterpiece.

We recommend our product to be sold at or bought by tourist attractions, such as hotel shops, souvenir shops, chocolate specialists, as well as companies, firms, embassies, ministries and everyone who longs for high standard, unique gifts.